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Hey there, my name is Gary-John Bartell. I'm the founder of the Reflection Blueprint.


Gary-John Bartell has been a serial entrepreneur, is a seasoned global traveler but most important of all is a highly experienced ‘veteran of life.’ Gary-John started from humble beginnings in his home town of Liverpool England and as a young man migrated to the United States, where he experienced incredible success as a young entrepreneur that was both unexpected and unanticipated.

The road was paved with gold from rags to riches but his ultimate slow and painful demise left him broken both financially and emotionally. Doubling down on behaviors, beliefs and disciplines that led to his first success proved to work again, until similar ‘rabbit holes’ in his life took him down into greater depths of despair and frustration that eventually led him to ask some important life questions and do some deep self-reflection.





Today, Gary-John is known as ‘The Truth Teller,’ a fierce warrior of making sure people quickly learn to understand what is holding them back from living the happy and successful lives they both want and deserve to live. From ordinary every day folk to some of the most powerful entrepreneurs and leaders, Gary-John has transformed countless lives using the methods he developed himself through The Reflection Blueprint. Meet Gary-John yourself and learn more by clicking on the video link.

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Learn to be the best 'you' you can be and unlock your true potential by finding your real self.


Improve your productivity by applying my unique techniques for strengthening mental health and wellness. 

Become aware of what drives you on a personal level.

Accelerated learning

Using our proprietary system of memory-enhanced learning processes you can now commit these highly introspective lessons to your long term memory.

Features a branch logic-driven quiz platform as well as written assignments given by Gary himself.

Life Coaching

Gary-John Bartell has over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur including 10 years of coaching business owners around the world.

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